Grand Sapphire BLU

Northern Cyprus, Iskele




Grand Sapphire BLU has 5 Highrise buildings which have 28 floors and 8 low-rise Block which have 5 floors. The Project is located on the land with total 90727.18 m2 area and 2345 units which includes Studio, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and Penthouses.


Direct panoramic sea views
Distance to the sea: 300 m
Key handover: September 2027
Key Developer of Northern Cyprus
Our aim is to carry our achievements to the international platform by creating a new lifestyle in accordance with world standards in Northern Cyprus, on this path we set out with the slogan of "quality life".


  • 5-star Hotel & Casino
  • Supermarkets
  • Kids Club
  • Punta Cana - The largest pool on the island, covering 4000 m2
  • 10000m2+ total pool area, Beach Pool (with an artificial beach and sea sand)
  • Infinity Pool at the 27th floor
  • Cascade pool
  • Multi-sports areas
  • Padele tennis


  • Open-air cinema
  • Water park
  • Gym - Fit Plus
  • Organic Spa
  • Bike paths
  • Walking paths
  • Pet's Park
  • Indoor-Outdoor Parking Areas
  • Ball & Conference Room
Grand Sapphire Blu has been purposefully designed to encapsulate all elements crucial to a 7-star living experience. It features thoughtfully planned community areas and serene green spaces, providing an ideal mix of social interaction and personal tranquility.

PERFECT Location

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort And Residences is located in ISKELE near the thriving 5 km Long Beach, in the very heart of the development of the "New" Northern Cyprus.
  • 40 min to Larnaka airport
  • 40 min to Ercan airport
  • 10 min to Famagusta city
  • 5 min to Salamis (old town)



✅ Property Type✅ Price
Studiofrom 87 900 GBP
1+1 Apartmentfrom 118 900 GBP
2+1 Apartmentfrom 164 900 GBP
3+1 Apartmentfrom 224 900 GBP


Here are the starring prices at Grand Sapphire BLU Resort And Residences. Please request the price list from our managers to get the most up-to-date information.
Reservation fee
Down payment
Installment plan until the handover of keys.
Installment payments can be made monthly or quarterly.


Gross area: 55 m2 | Net area: 46 m2
Grand Sapphire BLU studio
Grand Sapphire BLU studio
Gross area: 64 m2 | Net area: 57 m2




Grand Sapphire BLU studio
Gross area: 118 m2 | Net area: 95 m2


Grand Sapphire BLU studio
Gross area: 110 m2 | Net area: 122 m2


3+1 penthouse: 432 m2 | 4+1 penthouse 600 m2


Immerse yourself in the majestic hues of the Mediterranean, viewed from the soaring heights of Grand Sapphire's opulent Penthouses. These abodes are a symphony of elegance, offering capacious living quarters with three or four sumptuous bedrooms, expansive balconies that kiss the sky, private pools mirroring the azure heavens, and interiors crafted with a touch of finesse, crafting a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary.


All apartments will be handed over in 2027 with full interior finishing. Appliances and soft furniture are not included in the finish, but they can be purchased separately as a "Design Package".
  • Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom
  • Luxury Floor, Wc Ceramics, Tiles And Sanitaryware
  • Quality Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wall Cabinet
  • Balcony
  • Double Glass Windows
  • Composite And Glass Facade Cladding
  • Boiler
  • Central Water System
  • Central Internet System
  • Central Satellite System
  • Central Booster System
  • Central Generator System
  • Central Air Conditioning Infrastructure
  • Outdoor And Indoor Parking Areas
  • Outdoor And Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Gym
  • Outdoor And Indoor Children's Playground
  • Cafe & Restaurant
Grand Sapphire BLU Resort Restaurant
Grand Sapphire BLU Resort
Pera Mackenzie is an excellent beach club and a private beach for all residents of the Grand Sapphire Resort.

Nestled in the picturesque Iskele area, Pera Mackenzie Restaurant graces the sandy beaches of Northern Cyprus, offering its esteemed guests delectable culinary experiences against the backdrop of the Mediterranean's shimmering turquoise vistas.

At Pera Mackenzie, a culinary journey awaits with its array of dry-aged meats showcased in a climate-controlled display, complemented by a diverse menu that tantalizes the taste buds.


Grand Sapphire BLU Resort
Grand Sapphire BLU Resort
The carefully curated seafood selection sets this menu apart, with choices freshly available from the aquarium.

Whether it's savoring breakfast with family around a spacious table, selecting light bites from the snack menu, or indulging in a romantic dinner, the restaurant's elegant decor, stunning views, and sumptuous flavors promise an unforgettable experience. Pera Mackenzie is a destination where every dining desire is met with sophistication.

№1: Iskele, Northern Cyprus
The best place to buy seaside property according to Forbes 2021
  • Visa-free entry / residence permit in 21 days upon purchasing an apartment.
  • Income from renting is fixed in GBP, EUR, USD.
  • Northern Cyprus does not disclose information about property ownership and account status outside its territory.
  • Complete political neutrality.
  • The longest tourist season. 320 sunny days a year. Property will be rented out 12 months a year.
  • World-recognized education - British School.
  • Absence of crime and corruption.
№1: Northern Cyprus
Best investment opportunity in 2024 according to Forbes

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences: Luxury Living and Coastal Paradise in Northern Cyprus

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences is a large-scale, luxury residential and resort complex located in Iskele, Northern Cyprus. It is a significant development project that aims to offer a diverse range of amenities and modern living spaces to residents and vacationers.

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences Location

Grand Sapphire BLU is strategically positioned near the popular Long Beach area, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a coastal lifestyle. Its location provides convenient access to key transportation hubs, such as Larnaka Airport and Ercan Airport, which are both approximately 40 minutes away. Additionally, the project is just 10 minutes from Famagusta city and 5 minutes from Salamis, an ancient town rich in history.

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences Location Map

Key Benefits of Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences

Grand Sapphire BLU is designed to offer residents and guests a luxurious and self-contained lifestyle. The resort and residences boast a wide array of amenities and facilities, including but not limited to:

  • A 5-star hotel and casino for entertainment and leisure.
  • Supermarkets for convenient shopping.
  • A kids club, making it family-friendly.
  • Multiple swimming pools, with the largest one covering 4,000 square meters.
  • Sports facilities, including paddle tennis and multicourts.
  • An open-air cinema for outdoor entertainment.
  • A water park for added fun and recreation.
  • A gym for fitness enthusiasts.
  • A beauty salon for relaxation and pampering.
  • Rooftop "Infinity pool" with scenic views.
  • Cycling and walking paths for outdoor activities.
  • Private beach access with the Pera Mackenzie restaurant located nearby, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences Photos

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences Video Tour

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences Property Types

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences offers a wide range of property types designed to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of residents and investors. With a combination of apartment sizes and configurations, this development aims to provide options for individuals, couples, families, and those seeking the ultimate in luxury living. Here's a detailed overview of the property types available within this exceptional project:


These compact and efficient living spaces are ideal for individuals or couples seeking a cozy, easy-to-maintain residence.
Studios offer an open-plan layout that combines the living, sleeping, and kitchen areas into one space.
While smaller in size, studios are designed to maximize functionality and may come with balconies or terraces to extend the living space outdoors.

1+1 Apartments

The 1+1 apartments consist of one bedroom and a separate living area, including a kitchen and dining space.
These apartments are suitable for couples or small families, providing a bit more privacy and space compared to studios.

2+1 Apartments

The 2+1 apartments offer two bedrooms along with a generous living area, providing more space for families or those who desire additional room.
These apartments often include multiple bathrooms, ensuring comfort and convenience for occupants.
Balconies or terraces may be larger in size, offering opportunities for outdoor dining and entertainment.

3+1 Apartments

These spacious apartments feature three bedrooms, making them an excellent choice for larger families or those desiring extra guest rooms or a home office.
3+1 apartments typically offer ample living and dining space, multiple bathrooms, and well-defined private and communal areas.
The balconies or terraces may provide beautiful views and increased outdoor living space.

These property types are thoughtfully designed to cater to a diverse range of lifestyles, from singles and couples to families and those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether one is looking for a cozy, low-maintenance retreat or a spacious and luxurious abode, Grand Sapphire BLU provides options to suit various preferences and requirements. Additionally, the availability of diverse property types allows investors to choose the units that best align with their investment goals and potential rental income.

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences Floor Plans

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences offers a variety of floor plans tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of prospective buyers. These thoughtfully designed floor plans are a key feature of this exceptional development, ensuring that residents can find the layout that suits their lifestyle and living requirements.
To view the floor plans, simply leave a request at our website. This will allow you to examine the precise dimensions, room arrangements, and other details of each property type, helping you make an informed decision when selecting your dream home or investment property.

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences Payment Plan

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences offers a flexible and accommodating payment plan, designed to make the acquisition of your dream property both convenient and accessible. The payment plan caters to various financial preferences and allows you to secure your new home in this luxury resort community.

  • Reservation Fee:Grand Sapphire BLU does not require an upfront reservation fee. This means you can express your interest in a property without the need for an initial payment typically associated with reserving real estate.
  • Down Payment: To secure your property within the development, you will be asked to make an initial down payment, which represents a portion of the total purchase price.
  • The down payment is set at 30% of the property's value. This upfront payment helps you secure your chosen unit within the development.
  • Installment Plan:The developer offers a flexible installment plan that allows you to spread the remaining balance over an extended period.
  • Installment payments can generally be made on a monthly or quarterly basis, giving you the freedom to choose a payment frequency that aligns with your financial situation.
  • Cryptocurrency Payments: An innovative feature of the payment plan is the option to make payments with cryptocurrency.
This provides an additional level of convenience for buyers who prefer to use digital assets for their property investments. Additionally, Grand Sapphire BLU may offer discounts for early buyers or those who choose to make full payments on specific dates, as indicated in the information provided earlier.

About the Developer of Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences

Northernland Company is a prominent and respected real estate development company that has a significant presence in Northern Cyprus. The company is known for its commitment to creating exceptional residential and resort communities that meet the highest standards of quality and luxury.

  • Grand Sapphire BLU: As the developer of Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences, Northernland Company has undertaken the construction and planning of this expansive project. The development comprises a combination of high-rise and low-rise buildings, featuring a wide range of apartments and penthouses, all designed with contemporary living in mind.
  • Quality and Excellence: Northernland Company's reputation is built on a commitment to excellence, delivering top-notch amenities, outstanding craftsmanship, and world-class design in all its projects. Grand Sapphire BLU is a prime example of their dedication to providing residents and investors with a superior living experience in a beautiful coastal setting.
  • Innovation: Northernland Company is also known for its innovative approach to real estate development, which includes offering flexible payment plans, embracing modern construction techniques, and even accepting cryptocurrency payments for added convenience.

Is Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences a Good Investment

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences in Iskele, Northern Cyprus, presents several compelling reasons why it may be a good investment:

  • Increasing Demand: Iskele, particularly around Long Beach, has witnessed a surge in demand for both living and real estate investment. The heavy domestic and foreign tourist traffic in the area indicates a strong market for potential rental income.
  • Rental Income Potential: The project's location and the advantages it offers, including a 7-star lifestyle, make it attractive for rental income. The diverse range of property types, from studios to duplex residences, provides options for various tenant demographics.
  • Large-Scale Project: Grand Sapphire BLU is the largest project in Northern Cyprus, consisting of multiple high-rise and short buildings, and a hotel. Such scale often indicates a significant investment opportunity due to the potential for property value appreciation.
  • Amenities and Features: The project offers a wide array of amenities and features, including a substantial pool area, green spaces, organic gardens, and various recreational facilities. These features can enhance the overall appeal to potential tenants.
  • 7-Star Privileges: The emphasis on 7-star living and resort-style services can attract high-end renters, contributing to potentially higher rental rates.
  • Diversified Lifestyle: The project's suitability for all age groups, including activities and a Kids Club, can attract a broad range of tenants, making it a versatile investment.
Investing in Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences can be promising, given the rising demand, scale, and attractive amenities.

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences Completion Date

The expected completion date of construction is September 2027.

Is Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences a Good Place to Live

Grand Sapphire BLU Resort and Residences holds the promise of becoming an exceptional place to call home for several compelling reasons. This ambitious residential complex, located in the heart of Iskele, Northern Cyprus, offers an array of features and benefits that make it an attractive prospect for those seeking a comfortable and convenient living environment.

First and foremost, the project's prime location, nestled near the stunning 5 km Long Beach, provides residents with not only direct sea views but also easy access to the Mediterranean coast. This proximity to the beach offers an idyllic setting for beach lovers and those who appreciate scenic vistas. Moreover, the development's expansive infrastructure includes a 5-star hotel, a casino, supermarkets, sports courts, and a water park, among many other amenities, ensuring that residents will have access to a wide range of services and leisure options right on their doorstep.

These factors, coupled with a diverse selection of property types cater to different living arrangements and lifestyles. Additionally, the emphasis on a 7-star lifestyle, resort services, and a Kids Club implies a focus on enhancing the quality of life for those who choose to reside here. For potential investors, the area's increasing demand for real estate further underscores the potential for property appreciation and rental income, making it not only a comfortable place to live but also an appealing long-term investment.

How to Buy Property in Grand Sapphire BLU

To purchase property in Grand Sapphire BLU, you can start by submitting an inquiry on our website. Our team will provide you with detailed information about the buying process and assist you in selecting a property, whether it's an apartment or studio, that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.
Grand Sapphire BLU
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